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10 Best Datasets for Traffic [2023]

Traffic management is a crucial aspect of urban planning and transportation systems. With the rise of smart cities and the increasing demand for efficient transportation, the use of data has become essential in the traffic industry. In this article, we will be exploring the 10 best datasets for traffic in 2023.

Dataset NameSizeDownload LinkDescription
Global Air Traffic DatasetOver 50,000 records Global Air Traffic Dataset includes information on flight routes, flight numbers, and passenger counts.
National Household Travel SurveyOver 140,000 households National Household Travel Survey includes information on daily travel patterns for over 140,000 households in the US.
Traffic Volume CountsNumerous Traffic Volume Counts dataset includes information on daily traffic volume for various roadways in the US.
FHWA Performance ManagementNumerous FHWA Performance Management dataset includes information on the performance of highways and bridges, including traffic volume and pavement conditions.
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)Numerous Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) dataset includes information on advanced transportation technologies, such as traffic management systems and traveler information systems.
Waze Traffic DataReal-time data Traffic Data provides real-time traffic data, including congestion, speed, and road closures.
NHTSA Vehicle Crash Test DatabaseNumerous NHTSA Vehicle Crash Test Database includes information on the safety performance of vehicles, including crash test ratings and crash statistics.
National Traffic and Road Closure InformationReal-time data National Traffic and Road Closure Information dataset provides real-time information on traffic conditions and road closures in the US.
Open Street Map Traffic DataReal-time data Street Map Traffic Data provides real-time traffic data for various regions around the world.
Traffic Flow and Congestion DataNumerous Traffic Flow and Congestion Data dataset includes information on traffic flow and congestion for roads and highways in the UK.

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